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Frequently Ask Question

Why should I do SEO? Is it better than Google Adwords?

Both are good. Their purpose is same: “rank your site on the search results page and drive traffic.” For some websites Google Ads perform better, while for others Organic SEO turns out to be more beneficial. Sometimes, Google Ads can cost you higher than Organic SEO, so if you have a tight budget and you’re ready to wait, then organic SEO is the way to go. As per our years of experience, we have always seen Organic SEO beats Google Ads in the long run.

Is SEO for me?

SEO is one of the best online marketing strategies to drive traffic and sales. If done right, it can help you immensely by driving regular traffic and sales. If you have a limited budget to start your online marketing, SEO can be the best option for you.

What are keywords? Who will choose them for my business?

Keywords are the popular search terms your potential customers are searching for. They type those terms of the search engines to find out search results and visit those websites to find a solution or make their purchase. We will conduct a thorough keyword research to find out the best keywords for your business, and the keyword research is entirely FREE.

Can I stick to organic SEO for a long time?

Of course yes. Organic SEO is actually more beneficial for a business if it’s done for a long period of time consistently without a break. You can definitely stick to SEO for a long time.

Do I have to sign a contract?

That’s completely your choice. If you want, we can sign a contract or agreement of minimum 6 months. If you simply want to go month by month without signing a contract, then we don’t push you for that.

Can I get a guarantee?

Sadly, the term ‘guarantee’ doesn’t work in the world of SEO. You cannot predict in the game of cricket whether a batsman will score a century or a bowler will take a fifer. With a good amount of homework and by looking at the past records you can at most make your best guess. Similarly, in the world of SEO it’s not possible to give a guarantee to the clients if the target keywords will definitely rank in the first position within a given period. But having that said, we always put our best efforts to make sure our client’s site gets ranked on the first page and then among the top 5 search results at the earliest possible.